“Over a few years of knowing Daniel I have found him to be a consummate coach – competent, insightful, patient, open to growth, and emotionally intelligent.  So, after 6+ years of injury-riddled training on my own I sought Daniel’s help to run injury-free, race competitively in triathlon, and balance training with a tight schedule.  Daniel has been just what I needed.  He’s ushered me through my first 6 months of consistent training in nearly seven years, readied me for my best racing, and contributed to my growth as a whole person.  All the while, I’ve been working full-time, parenting my first newborn child, and prioritizing a balanced social schedule, none of which lost on him.  I couldn’t be more grateful for what we’ve accomplished or more excited about where we’re headed.

The two greatest values I receive from Daniel are learning and hope.  Daniel is forever a student of his craft, and I’m the benefactor.  He accepts me, connects with me, and teaches the right messages at the right times — about recovery, physiology, nutrition, stress, racing, and balance.  I have found this guidance refreshing and enabling.  Not only has it kept me healthy and motivated, his coaching lets me rest assured that I’m in great hands.  With that, I move ahead as an equipped and hopeful athlete.”~Heath P.

“Having played competitive sports for most of my life including college baseball, I have had many coaches. I can honestly say that Daniel ranks among the top for several reasons. He has an ability to blend a professional and structured program with a genuine desire to know you as a person. This approach allows for better collaboration, communication and overall trust. Being able to trust that Daniel has my best interests at the forefront of the training gives me the confidence to not think or second-guess but just do. He also has the ability to push you to your limit without breaking your spirit and does this by rewarding hard work which instills a tremendous amount of confidence as an athlete. This extends beyond the pool or trail and into many other areas of life. I attribute this to his holistic approach of reminding me to always be conscience and respectful of other areas of life when it comes to the day-to-day training which allows me to more accurately monitor and attribute factors to progresses as well as the inevitable plateau.

Within less than six months, I went from not knowing the proper order of a triathlon, not owning a bike and not having swum laps since I was 12 years old to qualifying for the USAT Olympic Distance Age Group National Championships. I owe this to Daniel and his genuine desire to not only see me improve as an athlete but as a person.”~Jeff M.

“For 30 years I knew that crunches and traditional weightlifting exercises were good for me.  I knew that weeks of rest and stretching were all I could do for occasional muscle “pulls.”  Then in my late ‘40s the lower back pain and muscle stiffness and  “pulls” got so frequent that I couldn’t stay active on my terms, which don’t include the standard advice to “take it easy.”  A fellow tennis nut recommended Dan Brafman.  I almost walked out of the first appointment when I saw his poster mentioning a “holistic” approach.  For all you jocks who believe in Western science only and don’t believe in meditation, “life circles,” or anything with the word “holistic” in it, don’t be put off by that half of Dan’s business.  Dan is a hard-nosed triathlete who understands that athletic performance is about improving measurable results, and he knows how to do that.  You may also learn that what you thought you knew about lifting and stretching and exercise is actually wasting your time, holding you back, and setting you up for significant back problems in a few years.  By assessing the way that your athletic movement compensates for weaknesses in certain areas, he can teach you how to strengthen muscle groups that you don’t use properly.  Anybody in our generation who is still relying on the stuff your college coach told you needs to see Dan at least once, to understand how your exercise routine may be hurting, not helping.
”~Chris M.

“Daniel coached me in both swimming and running. He took an interest in my total conditioning as an athlete, which I really appreciated. After analyzing my gait, he was the first coach to have me alter my running stride. It made a huge difference in my race performance. Thanks, Daniel!
”~Lee B.

“Daniel set me up for success upon aging up (men’s 40’s USTA) I finished top 25 in the nation and did it without any injuries…I am lucky I got to experience his Holistic view of training
.”~Harris R.

“Daniel is an outstanding coach and source of instruction and information for a holistic approach to your health and well-being. If you are a high level athlete or just a weekend competitor looking to improve your level of performance, Daniel will take you to the next level.”~Jim H.

“I have hired Daniel as a triathlon coach, swim coach and running coach. Daniel is a consummate professional! He integrates functional training for your key sports with a broad knowledge of the human energy system, kinetics, and optimal nutrition to power your body.
”~Alexei S.

“Daniel has a level of knowledge about fitness, the body and holistic energy and healing that is amazing.  He helped me identify the cause of a serious injury, sent me to the right people, and worked with me to strengthen and to find balance and health.  I am now back healthy and training again.  Daniel continuously works to add to his incredible wealth of knowledge and applies it to his clients to make a difference in their health, fitness and life.  He is extremely dedicated and gets results!”~Linda R.

“I am an avid cyclist that was experiencing chronic low back pain. I was seeing a well respected chiropractor who recommended working with Mr. Brafman to improve core strength in an attempt to decrease back pain. I have worked with other personal trainers before and what separates Mr. Brafman from others is his methodically organized approach, his unsurpassed knowledge of functional anatomy, and his resources in the community.

During my time with Mr. Brafman I was working a full time job and was going to graduate school at night. He was aware of my schedule and took the time to coach me on how to fit in my workouts while being cognizant of my stress level. Each month Mr. Brafman would evaluate my progress and design a new program to meet my needs.   I was not just in the gym doing exercises I could find on my own. He introduced me to new effective exercises that specifically targeted my weaknesses.

The bottom line is I had been experiencing chronic low back pain for five years that was preventing me from riding comfortable. I now ride everyday and race a few times a year. When something flares up Mr. Brafman has given me the knowledge and tools to handle it on my own. We are lucky to have somebody as qualified as Mr. Brafman in our community.”~Lyal T.

“Over 14 years ago I met Daniel training for triathlon. We competed in many of the same events and whether he was training or racing I was very impressed with his focus and preparation. He was, and remains, a diligent student and teacher of nutrition, sports medicine, and biomechanics.
Daniel has successfully transcended into a gifted holistic practitioner and coach. Whether you are a client or friend, Daniel unselfishly shares his knowledge and I remain forever indebted to this gift that keeps on giving.

His commitment to and his passion for his studies is unparalleled. I can honestly say my growth as a person and athlete is in large part attributed to our association and his mentorship.”
~Philip Bergman Owner of MindBody Fitness

Holistic Lifestyle Coaching

“Working with Daniel has been, and continues to be a wonderful experience. I started working with Daniel because I wanted to learn truly what ‘good health’ was and how I could become the healthiest person that I could be. I was under the impression that Daniel would help me do this by guiding me with what to eat, introducing beneficial supplements, and implementing a good workout routine. While all of this was accomplished with superior results, my experience with Daniel has been much more. I have been introduced to other, often overlooked elements of good health such as breathing, relaxation, positive thinking, community involvement, and perhaps most important self love and the ability to sense what I need in the moment.

I highly recommend Daniel to anyone who wants to improve their quality of life. Daniel is able to provide you with cutting edge information on health that is not readily available. His ability to connect the dots with information is something I find very unique in the dogmatic worlds of fitness and health.”
~Emily G.

“I was 230 pounds and on 4 different blood pressure medicines, high blood sugar, smoker.  After working with Dan on not only my strength and cardio conditioning, but also on my lifestyle, I lost 28 pounds, got off all meds, quit smoking, and began enjoying new facets of my life, including triathlon racing.
Dan kept me injury free and more importantly, served as a valuable sounding board as I worked to better myself.  I recommend him with the highest of praise.”~Brad T.

Daniel Brafman is a gifted personal trainer and life coach. Our work together has been life-saving, as I needed to recover from 5 months of difficult chemotherapy.

We met for the first time during an interview in a coffee shop as a way to get to know each other. This led to a full assessment of my situation, both physical and ‘mental’.   There were also several questionnaires to be completed to provide Daniel with personal information. It was also important for me that he understood my ‘mental’ situation. I was feeling very vulnerable after going from a pre-treatment status as a competitive athlete to a post-treatment person who had difficulty with strength and balance and did not feel very sure of my footing or future.

Daniel is particularly skilled in understanding deficits and difficulties (of all kinds) and addressing these needs with gentle and insightful remedies. Together we have addressed my lack of strength, poor posture and shaky balance.   In approximately 12 months, I have been restored physically to full strength and with abilities that are better than my pretreatment status. When I started last year I couldn’t run a 100 yards and now 4 miles is easy.   Now I play tennis regularly and feel strong and confident.

Not all Daniel’s talents reside in his encyclopedic understanding of anatomy and muscle function. He is also a valuable companion in walking through life’s difficult moments. He is clearly committed to addressing the needs of the ‘whole’ person. This includes recommendations for good eating, good living and claiming the whole potential of an individual.

Some practical issues need to be mentioned. Daniel is punctual and completely reliable. He is dedicated to learning and improving his craft and not just earning a paycheck. He has extensive experience as a competitive triathlete so he understands training, hard work, and the will to succeed.

My recommendation for Daniel is very strong and without reservation.”~David F.

“I have been working with Daniel for over a decade. In that time I have lost, and kept off nearly 40 lbs. Additionally, Daniel has helped me root out underlying physical conditions, which were corrected with change in food and supplements. Daniel has helped me create a new life. I am most proud to recommend Daniel’s practice.”~Janice J.

“Daniel is very detail orientated. He takes the time to explore all aspects of his clients needs. He is motivating, personable and the most caring trainer I have ever worked with. He is a wealth of knowledge about health as well as physical training. He thoroughly researches anything that he doesn’t already know. You are lucky to have him as your holistic coach.”~Kat D.

“After working with a handful of other practitioners, Daniel is the best. He brings all the elements of healthy mind and body together in a way that is tailored to the individual. He did this for me by assessing my physical strengths and weaknesses, in tandem with my personal and work commitments, food and exercise preferences, and my long term life goals. In a short period, I picked up a lot that will be in my life toolkit for the long term. I may have ended up learning more about myself than he did, and I developed knowledge I can use going forward to address changed desires and resolve new problems as they arise.
”~CP R.

“Daniel has been my spin instructor for a year. He brings a holistic approach to the exercise, including mind and body. He brings all muscle groups into the exercise and insists on discipline in form and attention. His attention to detail has been very helpful in improvements I have made to my exercise regimen.
”~Anna G.



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