Stress Management

Excess Stress=Pain

Excess Stress=Pain

Stress: Any imposition to a system which requires the system to act or adapt, or perish.

Stress is the driver for what works and what doesn’t.

Proper doses of stress+rest=strength

Proper doses of stress+rest=strength


All interactions are a form of stress. Stress can be life enhancing or life negative. Managing stress involves what we can manage:

  • Thinking

  • Breathing

  • Drinking Quality Water

  • Eating for our needs

  • Exercise

  • Sleep

Additionally there are external categories:

  • Environmental

  • Physical

  • Financial

  • Relationship

  • Toxic Chemicals

  • Electro-magnetic

Balancing stress requires we know:

  1. What level and type of stress do you thrive on?

  2. What are your current negative stressors and the dose?

  3. How are you affected?

We all have a finite capacity to hold stress. When we exceed our threshold, stress and pain management merge.

Whether imposing stress with exercise or reducing it by swapping out household items with non-toxic choices, stress must be seen as neither good or bad and both.



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