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Peaceful warrior, wear yourself well!

Peaceful warrior, wear yourself well!

The desire to attain excellence is a great motivator toward ones potential. Unfortunately, most athletes and coaches lose sight of this question: How does (insert sport/activity here), make me a better me? All desires to be extraordinary (even if it’s relative to ones own experience) are inherently coupled to risk…that’s part of the excitement!

I utilize all of the relevant science/information useful in making you the best athlete you can be. I identify and address the red flags that are likely to sabotage your performance and health. The greater the desire to excel, the greater the responsibility to tune into the process and all of the results.

I coach and program the strength/flexibility and conditioning training and nutrition for the foundation of all sports.

I specialize in all aspects of endurance sports, especially:

  • Triathlon

  • Road Racing for Runners

  • Open Water and Freestyle Swimming

and strength/flexibility and conditioning for:

  • Golf

  • Tennis

  • Baseball

  • Football

  • Basketball

  • Competitive Cheer

  • Gymnastics

I am committed to being the light of excellence in health and performance. My goal is to show athletes and coaches alike that we are always a whole person and encourage them to insist on this whole view while tending to the details necessary to excel.


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