Sport Specific Coaching & Athletic Training

I coach athletes to achieve excellence in their sport, while maintaining a balanced healthy lifestyle. I specialize in sport specific programming for competitive endurance sports such as triathlon, open water swimming, bicycling and running. I also help clients improve their game by helping master quality movement, whatever their sport. My ongoing assessments and program progressions are designed to prepare athletes to achieve their short and long-term goals, while maintaining a whole life perspective…

Holistic Health and Performance Delivers




Establishes an injury/dis-ease resistant foundation.

Periodized stability, strength/flexibility, and power programming

Maintains foundation. Prepares the body for the stress of training and racing.

Annual Periodized training program.

Peak performance achieved at key races.

Evaluate stressors

Achievable programming, proper recovery and energy management.


Practice performance via body/mind as if it has already happened…increases the likelihood it will happen.

Nutrition Coaching

Makes the most of preparation performance and recovery.

Race day rituals and set up

Learn from others’ experience.

Performance evaluation

Learn from your own experience.

General Fitness

My goal is to help clients establish habits that create a healthy lifestyle. Quality of life is greatly impacted by our ability to move about safely and pain free. I motivate my clients to train their body to be stable and mobile, strong and flexible. I create programs that are fun, integrated and achievable, for a sustainable, healthy lifestyle. I also offer a variety of exercise options in order to adapt programs to your preferences. It’s all about experiencing high vitality and aging gracefully.

Holistic Lifestyle Coaching Delivers




Establishes an injury/dis-ease resistant foundation.

Daily programming

Vitalizes the body.

Balance, Strength/Flexibility Programming

Freedom to perform…Quality movement for a Quality of life.

Nutrition Coaching

Learn good/better/best food choices to best support daily activity and achieve desired body composition.

Evaluations of stressors

Schedules that are achievable.

Assist in coordinating a team of health care practitioners

Integrates needs without contradiction.


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