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noun: health
the state of being free from illness or injury.
noun: peace; noun: the peace
freedom from disturbance; quiet and tranquility.
Oxford English Dictionary online

We all want something. Whether it is to move away from pain or toward something within our potential…desire is within. In the long term we must understand that life is a multidimensional set of relationships. When our goals become overly singular it’s easy to lose sight of our whole self. Usually breakdowns occur over a long period of time, caused by subtle offenses, not recognizable until we are in crisis. I liken this to “death by a thousand paper cuts”. When we have the wisdom to accept what we cannot change, and persistently address what we can…high vitality and aging gracefully are likely.

Good health simply for the peace of it or to support personal ambitions, requires self awareness and advocacy. I teach how to listen to the subtle messages of the body, so action may be taken to direct  our health and fitness, and recognize problems before crisis occurs.  This reduces the amount of time we are distracted from what gives us pleasure.

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