noun \ˈek-sər-ˌsīz\
: physical activity that is done in order to become stronger and healthier
: a particular movement or series of movements done to become stronger and healthier
: something that is done or practiced to develop a particular skill

Personal Training

I am keenly aware that when assigning exercise, I am prescribing stress on the body. Before implementing an exercise program I will assess:

  • Your current physical condition

  • Your history of training

  • Your history of injury

  •  Your personal goals

  • What physical activities you enjoy

People typically overlook their current physical condition, especially when beginning an exercise program. This usually results in taking the wrong first step or too big a first step, which can lead to discouragement or injury.  After discussing your personal goals and assessing current ability and fitness level, I will work with you to write an exercise program that will best suit your individual needs.

Group Fitness

Assessments are not required but recommended. Classes have a low student to teacher ratio to insure all participants get the attention needed. Classes are generally set for 10-12 week sessions, 1-3 times per week, this builds camaraderie within the group, and elevates accountability. This is a great option for most fitness levels. Classes offer exceptional training at a greatly reduced price.

All classes progress through self assessment, mobilizations and functional flexibility (where needed). Each session involves total body conditioning, focus is maintained on posture, pumping organs and fluids, breathing, and clarity of purpose.

Classes may emphasize:

  • Fat burning

  • Sport performance

  • Special needs, i.e. Low back pain, pre/post-natal, balance, etc.

  • Flexibility

  • Quieting the mind

  • Play


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