How did you become a Holistic Health and Performance Coach?

Growing up, I was a very competitive swimmer from ages 10-17. Not being tall was a bit of a handicap for me. My solution for remaining competitive was to master my movement, which was done by hiring very skilled coaches and scrutinizing the results. Fast forward 25 years and I found myself teaching triathletes who didn’t consider swimming a strength. Since my expertise was bit limited I got Robert Sherman to mentor me. While doing my best to learn from him with child like wonder, I kept gravitating to what Paul Check was teaching and how he lives and have been practicing with an emphasis on the C.H.E.K Institutes process ever since.

What is your passion and specialty in the health and wellness area?

My passion is learning how to assimilate health enhancing information and practices, so I may access my true potential. and help others to improve their health and fitness potential, and general well being. In doing so, I genuinely teach/demonstrate health. Lately I have been spending a lot of time on farms and with Chefs working and learning how to best relate to the earth and our food, from earth to earth (ashes to ashes).

How long have you been working in this field?

I’ve worked in this field in some capacity for as long as I can remember. I’ve been a performance coach and personal trainer for over 11 years, and a Holistic Practitioner for over 6 years.

Where should I begin?

Begin with what you enjoy. I generally start with movement and nutrition…the results are easily measurable. If you love food start there and add a gentle movement practice post meal, i.e. a walk, tai chi, chi gong, hatha yoga, etc. If you enjoy a physical butt kicking, start there…yoga (ashtanga, bikram etc.), circuit cross training, cycling, etc. The idea that change is difficult is not always so. Take the first step from where you are, doing what gives you pleasure with good results. Enjoy the transformation.

What kind of movement would you recommend and why?

Do something you enjoy. That’s critical to sustaining a movement practice.
Exercise should enhance your life force, then your desires. Perform in a way that supports your needs. The time you commit to movement practice should enhance your day to day activity, as well as goals athletic or otherwise.
If you can move, move. If you are limited, move what you can. It’s just that important to pump the bodies systems. Everything is use it or lose it, not moving leads to loss of mobility.
Pay attention to results. Truth is in results. Don’t get stuck on a routine that isn’t getting good results.

What is one of the most important things that people typically overlook when it comes to getting the right kind of exercise routine?

People typically overlook their current condition, especially when starting a program. This usually results in taking the wrong first step, or taking too big a first step.

How can people prevent injuries when they begin or maintain an exercise routine?

Injury prevention begins with honest self-assessment (daily readiness) before exercise. Your best is different from day to day, check in then do your best.

Runners: Long easy runs should not end with a sprint finish.

How long do people have to practice what you teach before they will see results?

Exercise improvement is very quick for motor learning…as little as 4-6 weeks. Change in body conditioning and reformation varies depending on more variables than we have space for, but it’s very normal to take a year to get really dialed in.

Healing, nutritional and otherwise, is extremely variable. Generally the more un-well a person is, the slower I progress them. Even positive change can shock the body. I recommend allowing time to adjust.

What are the 3 things that you would recommend for people to do in order to feel better and see results in the shortest possible time frame?

  1. When beginning a program, focus on posture.

  2. Learn to breathe correctly.

  3. Be Flexible in thoughts and committed to commitment.


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