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Daniel competed as an elite age group triathlete for 12 years, 8 years of Ironman training, and was ranked 17 in the United States the last year raced. As he reached this pinnacle of athletic success, he became the poster child of a “fit sick” person. Following the western medical model for healing and performance resulted in a complete hormonal disruption.


Daniel’s desire to live vitally, willingness to change, and a lot of learning has more than restored his health. Daniel’s studies with the C.H.E.K Institute provided him the 360 view on wellness, implementing a system that simultaneously considers: thinking, breathing, drinking quality water, eating for your health needs, exercise, sleep. Daniel’s personal experiences as well as his clinical practice, allow him to learn experientially and empathically. New information about health that challenges conventional wisdom is being published daily at an accelerating rate. Daniel’s professional practice integrates study breakthroughs as they are revealed, especially regarding the aging brain and steering genetic expression away from disease expression. Daniel is active in a community of wellness and personal growth teachers, scientists, therapists, nutritionists, farmers, chefs, personal and performance trainers, and entrepreneurs.

University of MD College Park: General Studies 1980-84

Credentials earned:

PS  After witnessing my mothers last six months of life, most of which was spent in intensive care, I am even more committed to accepting  responsibility for myself, and future generations. High vitality and aging gracefully are the result of healthy behaviors!


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